Triathlon Singapore and TriFactor Asia joined hands to orchestrate a thrilling spectacle of athleticism and community at the Children’s Wishing Well Inter-School Aquathlon Championship 2024, hosted at Sentosa. This morning, the picturesque setting witnessed the spirited participation of students from 28 schools, both local and international, across five categories across ages 7 to 25 years old.

The event showcased the resilience, determination, and talent of youth athletes, with Nanyang Technological University emerging victorious in the overall team categories, both male and female.

U17 Male category

In a nail-biting sprint finish, Mr. Tey Yi Jun of Nanyang Technological University clinched the male title, demonstrating his prowess in an intense head-to-head battle against Lim Cheng Yu from Sports School. Notably, Mr. Tey Yi Jun completed the race in an impressive time of 16 minutes and 31 seconds.

Male Overall Champion Mr Tey Ji Jun finishing ahead of Mr Lim Cheng Yu

Reflecting on his victory, Mr. Tey Yi Jun shared, “This race provided an excellent platform to fine-tune my skills for major competitions. Through rigorous training and supplementing with innovative techniques like intermittent hypoxic training and accelerated cold-water immersion recovery by Level Up Labs, I was able to push my limits and emerge victorious.”


In the female category, Ms. Lim Wan Ting from Singapore Sports School clinched the championship title, leaving competitors Tiffany Leng and Hazel Sophie Williams trailing behind. Ms. Lim Wan Ting completed the race in an impressive time of 19 minutes and 6 seconds.

The overall inter-varsity championship glory was claimed by Nanyang Technological University.

Overall Inter-varsity Champion from Nanyang Technology University

Commenting on the significance of such events, Triathlon Singapore Board Member Mr. Ben Khoo remarked, “The Children’s Wishing Well Inter-School Aquathlon Championship 2024 serves as a good platform for the youth development of the sport of triathlon. Triathlon Singapore looks forward to hosting more events to provide the Singapore community with more entry ways into multisport activities.  “

Founder of TriFactor, Mr. Elvin Ting, expressed his delight in organizing such events, stating, “Events like these epitomize TriFactor’s mission of building communities and providing platforms for athletes to engage in multi-sport endeavours. It’s been a privilege to collaborate with schools and facilitate events that empower young athletes to discover their potential. We look forward to more such enriching experiences in the future.”

The Children’s Wishing Well Inter-School Aquathlon Championship 2024 stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Triathlon Singapore and TriFactor Asia to nurture and inspire the next generation of sporting talent.

Participants and Organisers of the CWW Inter-School Aquathlon 2024


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