The Eastern Corridor, an 18 km route of park connectors initially announced in 2021, has been gradually unveiled to the public. Half of this extensive path winds alongside picturesque waterways, enriched through PUB’s Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme, providing an idyllic cycling journey amid the eastern waterscapes. This development fosters greater community engagement with Singapore’s parks and natural surroundings. Through meticulous landscaping, the Eastern Corridor not only amplifies greenery but also beckons diverse wildlife, nurturing a closer relationship between the community and nature, thereby promoting health and well-being. Moreover, this initiative fosters interconnectivity among communities, expanding beyond the confines of Singapore’s compact urban landscape and contributing to its evolution into a City in Nature.

Recent developments include the inauguration of the 600m Bedok Park Connector (Eastern Bank) along the Sungei Bedok waterway, marking the completion of the Eastern Corridor. Additionally, newly constructed park connectors along Tampines Avenue 9 and 10, coupled with the Bedok connector, extend over 3.2 km, providing residents and visitors with alternative routes for recreational activities between Pasir Ris Park and East Coast Park via Bedok Reservoir Park.

The National Parks Board (NParks) also unveiled plans for three cycling bridges across Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park, aiming to enhance connectivity and accessibility to natural areas. These endeavors align with NParks’ broader mission to expand connectivity across Singapore, ultimately ensuring that every household can access a park within a 10-minute walk by 2030. There are plans for the three bridges to be built across Changi Creek, connecting Changi Point to Changi Beach Park, as well as the eastern end of East Coast Park, and to replace the existing bridge across Fort Road at the western end of East Coast Park.

The Eastern Corridor, initially announced in 2021, has gradually unfolded to the public. Now completed, it connects various parks, including Tampines Eco Green for birdwatching, Sun Plaza Park with its therapeutic garden, and East Coast Park for sports activities.


Photo Credit: NParks

Spanning alongside waterways such as Sungei Tampines, half of the Eastern Corridor offers serene views. Recently completed park connectors along Tampines now seamlessly link Tampines Eco Green and Bedok Reservoir Park.

In January 2022, enhancements were made to the eastern half of the Round Island Route, the island’s longest recreational connection at 75km. These upgrades include the addition of mapboards, directional signage, and landscaping for shade and greenery. NParks plans to introduce marine habitats along the route by installing tiles to support marine life, promoting biodiversity.

The Round Island Route, stretching from Rower’s Bay Park in the northeast to Berlayer Creek near Labrador Nature Reserve in the south, encompasses iconic spots like Changi Beach Park and East Coast Park. Currently, at 75km, it will reach a total length of 150km by 2035 as the remainder is progressively completed.


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