Tim Franklin, the ultramarathon legend known as Australia’s Forrest Gump, has today completed day 422 of his journey to run around the world. Clocking up 50 km, Tim completed his day 422 run in front of the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

During his four days in Singapore, he will run iconic Singapore trails, including the Rail Corridor, MacRitchie Nature Trail, and East Coast Park. He will also visit local schools and run with children through the Singapore Hash House Harriers running club.

Tim has embarked on the incredible challenge of running over a marathon daily to circumnavigate the Earth on foot. Tim aims to become the second fastest person to ever run around the world. He is also raising charity and awareness on his journey.

With his contagious enthusiasm and unwavering determination, Tim is conquering miles and inspiring countless people to embrace adventure and push their limits, just like his Gump-like inspiration.


“Singapore is a country that’s always captivated me,” says Tim. ” after today’s run, I can tell you it is also quite hot. I was grateful for the breeze. However, no matter rain or shine, my aim is to get people running and moving. Day 422 was a great one and thank you to all the friendly smiles along the way today.”

The World Runners Club (WRC) consists of those individuals who have successfully completed a circumnavigation of the Earth on foot, according to the rules set down by the WRC.

Tim’s journey has so far seen him

  • 7,426.38kms remaining, out of a total of 26,232kms
  • 422 Days as at January 29, 2024
  • 146,015 metres total elevation gain
  • 1,305,897 calories burnt
  • 7:27:26 hours average on the road each day
  • 58,913 steps per day average
  • 693 ham and cheese wraps
  • 13 pairs of shoes
  • 379 different beds
  • 2 serious car crashes
  • 3 catastrophic floods
  • 1 tornado

Every step Tim takes along the way is helping to raise awareness and money for a number of charities, Inspiring Brighter Futures, Wings For Life, Lung Foundation of Australia.


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